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Committed Citizens CAN Change the World

'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.' ~ Margaret Mead These words from Margaret Mead come to mind as we think about how grateful we are to be part of the 1% for the Planet community -- a community of businesses that have united together to give back to the planet. Through this program, Allgood Provisions has joined more than 1,200 companies in 48 countries that are also giving back 1% of their sales to more than 3,300 non profits. And, this model is really working. Collectively we’ve topped $100 million in donations! Each pouch of Allgood Provisions that is purchased helps us provide donations to local, national...

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Watch Your Mouth

Watch Your Mouth 4 easy ways to keep GMOs out of your diet It may seem like a nutritional wonderland as we meander down grocery aisles bursting with colorful packages that boast phrases like, 'all-natural,' 'whole grains,' 'heart healthy' and 'high in antioxidants.' Although many of these phrases are vague and void of any standard, what should concern us even more are the ingredients inside these products that aren't being displayed in bold print: genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It's been reported that 80 percent of processed foods in American grocery stores contain GMOs. That is a scary number. We at Allgood Provisions believe that food products shouldn't just have fancy labels and empty phrases, they should contain a standard of quality and...

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Companies We Love & The People Behind Them: Yee-Haw Pickle Company

Is there anyone in this world that doesn’t love a delicious, crunchy pickle? Our love for snack foods goes way beyond nuts, fruits and seeds and we’re here to declare our love for this classic, satisfying favorite. But we’re not here to tell you about just any pickle. We’re here to let you in on our all time favorite. The Yee-haw Pickle Company has been canning their delicious briny masterpieces since July of 2011 and doing it right here in our hometown of Park City, Utah. It all began when Allison and Andrew, fellow pickle lovers, searched far and wide for all-natural, locally sourced and produced pickles in the Mountain West. The only pickles they could find in local stores...

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Companies We Love: Soul Poles

The name alone summons something deeper than its physical being. Soul Poles was founded by a group of former U.S. Ski Team racers with a deep love and respect for the earth. Faced with the unfortunate truth presented in the almost constant studies released on global warming, this group of skiers took initiative to stop the cycle and make a change in their ever-consuming industry. Soul Poles was created with a singular purpose, “to innovate the greenest equipment in the snow sports industry by merging sustainable design with uncompromising performance and truly original style”. The result is beautiful bamboo ski poles crafted from carefully selected bamboo canes and hand crafted by skiers from cut to assembly all within the Park...

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Organic Recipe: Organic Pistachio Crusted Salmon

Looking for a dinner recipe that is not only healthy and delicious but also foolproof? Then look no further! This organic recipe for Organic Pistachio Crusted Salmon more than meets the standards. This will no doubt end up as a regular on your meal rotation schedule. Ingredients 1 (around 2 lbs) side salmon, skin on 2 lemons, juiced 4 tablespoons mustard 1 cup shelled Allgood Provisions Organic Pistachios 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs 4 tablespoons canola oil Salt & freshly ground black pepper Directions 1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees F 2. Place the salmon on a baking sheet with the skin side down. Mix the lemon juice and mustard together in a bowl and spread over the salmon. 3....

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