Companies We Love: Soul Poles

sole poles ski naturaly The name alone summons something deeper than its physical being. Soul Poles was founded by a group of former U.S. Ski Team racers with a deep love and respect for the earth. Faced with the unfortunate truth presented in the almost constant studies released on global warming, this group of skiers took initiative to stop the cycle and make a change in their ever-consuming industry. Soul Poles was created with a singular purpose, “to innovate the greenest equipment in the snow sports industry by merging sustainable design with uncompromising performance and truly original style”. sole poles custom renewable made here (2) The result is beautiful bamboo ski poles crafted from carefully selected bamboo canes and hand crafted by skiers from cut to assembly all within the Park City studio/factory. By keeping the entire process in house Soul Poles has more control over manufacturing, leading to less waste and energy spent vs. companies that manufacture in China. sole poles hand crafted We love Soul Poles because they are showing the ski industry that quality, function and beautiful design can be more sustainable. For a sport so dependent on Mother Nature for its sustainability it’s a shame there aren't more companies out there reducing the impact the industry has on the environment. Soul Poles should serve as a model for the future of the ski industry gear. Beautifully designed, eco friendly, sustainable bamboo ski poles made with soul. Grab a set and you’ll love them forever, Mother Nature will love you right back. Oh and while you’re at it add on a one of a kind Bamboozie – we can’t get enough of ours: allgood_bamboozie

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