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A New Frontier for Allgood Provisions

Allgood Provisions is please to announce our organic snack foods are now available at New Frontiers Natural Marketplace. New Frontiers has 5 locations throughout California and Arizona as well as their own certified organic farm! "At the heart of New Frontiers is the desire to inspire personal growth and positive change. They do this by providing healthy choices, by educating theirselves and others, and by creating a delightful experience."

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16 Foods that Naturally Boost Your Metabolism

Diet, schmiet. Ditch your strict eating regimen and give your metabolism a boost by eating. Yes, eating! Just by consuming certain drinks and foods, you can give your body a kick-start in calorie burning, and speed up that seemingly slow metabolism of yours. Here’s how… What to Eat: Almonds: They contain fatty acids that raise your metabolism. Apples and Pears: High fiber makes you burn more calories. Beans: High protein + high fiber = more calories burned. Broccoli: Calcium and vitamin C create a metabolism-rising duo. Cinnamon: Add it to sugary drinks and foods to help your body better metabolize sweets. Coffee: Caffeine gives your mind, body and metabolism a boost. Don’t exceed 2-3 cups a day. Curry: Since it’s...

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