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Get To Know Our Farm Fresh Cherries

  Source While cherries are grown in several states, we source our red tart cherries from our organic growers in Utah and Washington state. There are several varieties of cherries but we choose the Montmorency varietal for its taste, usability, and nutritional benefits.       History The Montmorency cherry tree is named for an area near Paris, France.  However, the cultivation of this tart cherry dates back to Ancient Rome.  The Romans discovered the fruit along the banks of the Black Sea. They began planting cherry trees along roads throughout the Roman territory for food, as well as, wood to build weapons and equipment. Nutrition Not only are our tart cherries sun-dried and lightly sweetened to perfection, but they...

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Organic Foods: A Healthy Return on Investment

1. Budget Smartly Organic foods are sometimes more expensive than mainstream alternatives. If your grocery budget allows you to go exclusively organic, do so. If money is tight, choose organic products selectively. Organic is better because it's "definitely healthier for the environment and reduces the pesticide load in the body," says Dr. Kulze, who also serves as national spokesperson for the Smart Eating Initiative at Ruby Tuesday restaurants nationwide. "Although we could certainly argue that there are safe limits for individual pesticides based on scientific study, pesticides are clearly not healthy substances." 2. Know Your Nutrients "There is scientific evidence, although limited, that organic produce is 'healthier' because it contains more micronutrients and phytochemicals," Dr. Kulze says. She cites a...

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