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Blissmobox Wants To Help Consumers Discover Organic And Eco-Friendly Products

We’ve seen a number of startups emerge that are using a sampling box as a way to help consumers discover products, including Babbaco, Foodzie, BirchBox and BeachMint. Blissmo is the latest company to join the mix with the launch of the Blissmobox, which allows consumers to discover organic and eco-friendly products that safer and better for them, their families and their planet. The Blissmobox is a subscription service that delivers these eco-friendly products to your door once a month. Each box has a theme for the month, and each month Blissmo offers two different boxes. For example, a few months ago, Blissmo’s inaugural box had a “Home & Laundry” theme, included method laundry prdoducts, iQ All-Purpose Cleaner, Twist sponges and...

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