5 Food Companies We Think You Should Know About

  1. Wedo Gluten Free

    Whether you are allergic to gluten or just looking to sneak in extra vitamins into your diet, WEDO banana flour is for you. Creators David and Todd dreamed of this idea after traveling to Kenya and working with a banana flour factory. After seeing the positive benefits of banana flour in their own lives, they created the first and only banana flour company in the United States.

  2. PopArt Popcorn

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    Andy Warhol and his Campbell’s soup prints were great and all, but we sure are excited to have Pop Art that we can eat! Enter: Mike and Venessa’s PopArt Gourmet Popcorn. Speaking to its pop art roots, Mike and Venessa have taken an “ordinary” snack like popcorn, and they have transformed it into a work of inspiring art, a tasty one at that. Just like us, PopArt Popcorn uses organic and all-natural ingredients for powerful flavor combinations. Our favorites? Rosemary with Italian truffles and white pepper with parmesan cheese. Yum!

  3. Ritual Chocolate

    So many cool shapes and patterns going on with this one. #psychedelic

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    The ritual of making chocolate has become increasingly overlooked and complicated in America. That is, until Ritual Chocolate came around. Since 2010, founds Robbie Stout and Anna Davies carefully source cacao and cane sugar to create a chocolate product using old European methods with American style. Their focus on quality supports the ecosystem of suppliers that grow the raw ingredients, the planet, and its inhabitants.

  4. Chapul

    Maybe you’ve already tried popcorn and chocolate, and you want to try something new. Try edible insects. Really! Chapul introduced edible insects as a source of healthy and sustainable protein into Western Cuisine. Also a member of 1% for the planet, Chapel is dedicated to a more sustainable planet.

  5. Yeehaw Pickles

    Hmmm...which to eat first? #smallbatch #handcrafted #pickles #nofilter #healthyfood #getinmybelly

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    Have you ever wandered down your grocery isle and felt disappointed with the pickles available for purchase? Yeah, founders Allison and Andrew Cesati felt the same way - they couldn’t find a jar without yellow-5 and sodium benzoate in it. So, they made their own gourmet pickles! And, these sure are not your average pickles. From honey sweet stackers to giddy up garlic dills, these premium pickles should be on the VIP list at your next party.

    What are some of your favorite food companies? We would love to hear from you!

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