INTRODUCING: The Oven Stoked Series

What if there was a food that could be ready-to-eat in 15 minutes, would have a delicious, wholesome flavor, and would fill your home with the nostalgic aroma of Fall? Now, we are so pleased to introduce to you the Oven Stoked series to fill that void described above. Fall is here, and it's time to celebrate.

Introducing the Oven Stoked series from Allgood Provisions

So, what's the stoke all about? The Oven Stoked series allows home cooks with all ranges of talents to reach deep, gourmet flavors with a few quick and simple steps. It's the easy, crowd-pleasing option for the pre-dinner snacks, the Super Bowl parties, and for the busy holidays.

It's simple: choose your gourmet blend of flavors and nuts, and then mix them together in a large bowl with a little water. Spread them onto a baking sheet, and within fifteen minutes you have freshly roasted nuts.

The exciting flavors include Mexican Chocolate Pecans, Black Truffle Rosemary Almonds, and West African Curry Cashews.

Mexican Chocolate Pecans

Black Truffle Rosemary Almonds

West African Curry Cashews

Now, the important part. In order to launch this product line, we need your help. We have put together a Kickstarter to fund the production of this Oven Stoked series. We have created, tasted, and perfected these recipes, and we just need to put it in people's homes with your help. As always, this Oven Stoked series stays true to our values, using only source certified organic and non-GMO verified ingredients. Then, a portion of every sale is donated to various environmental organizations throughout the globe. Every cent, dollar, share, and virtual high five helps us reach our goal. Thank you so much for your continued help. We would not be where we are with the support of you.

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