Companies We Love & The People Behind Them: Cuisine Cube

In a day and age where you can get just about whatever you want with the click of a button, it’s no wonder foodie boxes have become a go-to service for many.

about-us-imgAllgood Provisions has also become a fan of these services, but we've found that not all foodie boxes are built the same. Cuisine Cube is an excellent case in point.

Cuisine Cube is a monthly foodie box that provides an incredible array of items that are not only delicious, but also gluten free. What makes them even more unique is that every cube comes with an item for each meal of the day, plus a snack and dessert. Not to mention, each item comes full size, so you can thoroughly enjoy every product.

Cuisine Cube is the brainchild of a group of enthusiastic eaters, food professionals and allergy sufferers who hail from New York City. This ingenious team not only makes gluten-free food options accessible, but they’ve done their homework to provide their patrons with only the most delicious and awesome brands of gluten-free products available.

We like Cuisine Cube so much in fact, Allgood Provisions has joined the ranks of the other artisanal and gluten-free groceries in their packages.

product-imgYou can join Cuisine Cube for a monthly, three-month or six-month subscription. It's also a great gift idea for the gluten-free foodie in your life. A gift subscription can be done for a month, three months, six months or one year.

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