Retailer Spotlight: The Little Beet

In this world consumed by the constant go-go-go! mentality, where we never seem to have enough time in the day, we tend to find ourselves sacrificing our health in exchange for saving time. We’re all guilty to some extent and the area that most often takes the hit is our diets. Nowhere may this be truer than in the city that never sleeps. Enter The Little Beet. Part of the fast health food revolution, The Little Beet is aiming to fix the world of fast food options by offering a healthy, guilt free alternative to the grease soaked, chemically ridden offerings that are currently available.


The Little Beet was founded with one purpose; To Serve Real Food Deliciously. Lettuce not beet around the bush here. The food is not only excellent, its organic, fresh and healthy. As one Yelper put it, it’s “the kind of stuff you'd want to make for yourself at home if you had the time”. We couldn’t agree more Elizabeth. The Little Beet’s cuisine is artfully crafted by Chef Franklin Becker, who knows the incredible role that your diet plays in your health and lifestyle. In his 20s, Becker was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. At that point he decided to transform his cooking style. Becker learned to use simple ingredients to create extremely satisfying dishes that are healthy and flavorful. Little_beet_chef Step into line at The Little Beet and your greeted with some of the friendliest staff in all of NYC. Your mood lifts as your nose catches the smells wafting from the kitchen.  As you move forward to select your meal options, it’s hard not to select something that will satisfy your hunger as well as your nutritional needs. After a meal here at The Little Beet, you’ll realize that food is more than just a solution to satisfy the hunger in your belly, it is medicine. Delicious real food is your ticket to maintaining your health and now it’s something that you can easily fit into your hectic daily routine. If you live in or ever visit the New York City area be sure to step in and check out The Little Beet. You can also find your favorite Allgood Provisions organic snacks there too!

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