Retailer Spotlight: Homegrown Sandwich Shop in Seattle, WA

After meeting in kindergarten, Brad Gillis and Ben Friedman’s paths took them to different higher education institutes where they both came to the same conclusion. “Why wait until you’ve made your fortune in the private sector to do some public good, they pondered. Why not do it now?” ( And so, Homegrown Sandwich Shops were born. A great mission backed by delicious sandwiches with a cult following. Their beliefs encompass more than just their economic impact on their community. Their mission and self proclaimed responsibility states that “in addition to our economic impact, we are responsible for our social and environmental impact as well”.

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A passion for sustainability as well as understanding their role in supporting their community is a business model that should serve as an inspiration and standard for all businesses, no matter what industry or sector they fall into. Brad and Ben realize the impact of using locally, organically and sustainably sourced ingredients on the earth and the community. They call what they’re doing “sandwich environmentalism” and in a society where an acceptable meat source can be at the least, questionable in origin, it is easy to support someone that is changing the scene and offering an alternative that you can feel good about eating. Oh and did we mention how Homegrown Sandwiches taste? We could spend all day talking about their story and their mission, but the proof is in the sustainable deliciousness. Don’t just take our word for it, Homegrown Sandwich Shop now has five locations in the Seattle area serving up award winning sandwich creations. Some of the most popular favorites? Try the crab cake, bacon and avocado, the turkey bacon, avocado or one of their breakfast sandwiches. You can also find your favorite Allgood Provisions snacks there as well. So, if you live or are visiting the Seattle area, be sure to stop in and check out one of the Homegrown Sandwich Shops. You can thank us later.


Peace, Love & Sustainability

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