Companies We Love: Wasatch Brewery

We’re pretty proud of our hometown. Park City, Utah was recently named Outside Magazine’s Best Active Town.  It’s also home to some pretty incredible beer. You heard right. We’re talking about some great beer in Utah, a state known for its odd drinking laws. A company we have come to know and admire here in Utah is Wasatch Brewery.  In 1986 Greg Schirf opened Utah’s first brewery in Park City and has been a force for changing Utah’s beer history ever since. Wasatch Brewing In 1988 Schirf was actually the one who proposed the bill that would make brew pubs legal in Utah. In 2003 when Utah legislature proposed a tax to raise already high beer taxes, Schirf dressed up as founding father Ben Franklin and mimicking the Boston Tea Party, poured the first kegs of Wasatch’s 1st Amendment Lager into the Great Salt Lake. 1st-amendment To this day Schirf and Wasatch Brewery (now in a co-op with another local brewery, Squatters) continue to ruffle feathers and challenge authority in Utah for the sake of good beer for the people. Not only do they make delicious beer (it’s harder at a lower alcohol level!), they are a small, local business who continue to push boundaries by doing things the right way and refusing to bend their morals. Here’s to all the small companies out there with a vision. The ones that hold onto their mission and do what’s right for the better of their community and their company in the face of opposition and challenges. Cheers! Allgood Provisions

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