Allgood Provisions Sponsoring Deer Valley's Celebrity Ski Fest for a Good Cause

Allgood Provisions is honored to once again be a sponsor of the Deer Valley Celebrity Ski Fest that is happening December 6th through the 9th at the Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah.  As the name gives away, the Deer Valley Ski Fest hosts a variety of stars from Film, Television and the Olympic Games for a weekend of skiing and entertainment, but it’s cause goes way beyond just a gathering of stars. Deer_Valley_Ski_Fest Every year, the Deer Valley Celebrity Ski Fest raises money for a cause that is close to our hearts, Waterkeeper Alliance. Millions of people worldwide live without access to clean water and we continue to have our resources threatened by pollution, drought and other epidemics. Waterkeeper Alliance was founded in 1999 by Robert F. Kennedy  Jr. and several veteran Waterkeeper Alliance organizations as a global initiative to patrol and protect over 100,000 miles of rivers, oceans and lakes. Waterkeeper Alliance organizations all over the world stand up for our right to clean water, protecting us from the actions of irresponsible polluters and unresponsive government organizations. For many of us, clean water is something we take for granted. But do you really know where your water comes from and what’s in it? Our most precious resource is constantly being threatened and it is our responsibility to stand up and fight for it. Join with us in our support of Waterkeeper Alliance’s efforts to protect our most precious natural resource. There are a few ways you can help. You can join one of the local Waterkeeper Alliance organizations around the globe, donate directly to Waterkeeper Alliance here or you can purchase from Allgood Provisions and more than 1200 other companies that are members of 1% for the Planet, which donates 1% of its profits to non-profits including the Waterkeeper Alliance. To learn more about 1% for the Planet and its incredible mission, click here.

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