Pasta & Co: Pasta, Allgood Provisions and Your Next Meal

Hey there all you Washingtonians (the state that is)! If you haven’t wandered into your local Pasta & Co lately you may not have noticed, but you can now find our delicious Organic Banana Chips and Organic Pistachios stocked and ready to snack. If you live in, or are visiting, the Seattle area and you have yet to discover the mouthwatering deli/bakery/pantry that is Pasta & Co, don’t waste another day.


The name Pasta & Co may be a little deceiving. Once you step inside the doors your eyes (and nose) will notice a lot more than just noodles and sauce. Pasta & Co has developed a loyal following based on their incredible selection of homemade, delicious and wholesome meals. They are often described as “gourmet take-out and food shops” for their ready-to eat-or-heat foods that are homemade daily in their kitchens. Whether you’re just in need of a quick dinner for yourself or a solution for a larger culinary celebration, Pasta & Co has natural and delicious selections that will satisfy and delight your senses. Founded on a commitment to Pure Food, Pasta & Co has a passion for health and well-being through a form of culinary medicine. Their entire selection process for products comes down to this; it must be “wholesome and pure, fresh and full-flavored”. Like most of us, they seek out and offer organic products when feasible but always offer the best natural products they can find. The team at Pasta & Co is also dedicated to educating people about the benefits of pure (preservative and additive-free) and wholesome food. 10-pasta-co-university-village So next time you are around one of their 2 locations (University Village in Seattle WA and across from Nordstrom in Bellevue, WA) stop in and let them take care of your next meal. Or, just grab some delicious Allgood Provisions Organic Banana Chips or Organic Pistachios. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

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