The 10 Worst Habits Destroying Your Diet

The temperature is rising and days are getting longer…summer is almost here! You know what that means: shorts, tanks and swimsuit season. During the summer, we put a lot of focus on getting in shape and cleaning up our eating habits so we feel confident enough to rock a suit at the beach with our family and friends. fave foodsCooking Light recently posted a guide to help readers through their diet mishaps and misconceptions by highlighting “The 10 Worst Habits Destroying Your Diet." We think it's a great resource for reminding us of common mistakes we may not even realize we are making. The article lists “fat habits” that hinder our success, like snacking after hours and drinking our calories. But one of their tips stuck out as something many of us may not consider as we embark on our weight-loss, detox, get-fit journeys: Fat Habit No. 4: Not Having a Support System. Friends and family may not take your fitness goals seriously at first. Explain to them your plan and ask for their support. This way, you are accountable to someone for the decisions you make. Plus, having a support system significantly increases your chances of success. Want to take your support system to the next level? Find a fitness/diet partner. Getting fit with a buddy makes things much more interesting and fun than going it alone. The best part? You’ll have someone to celebrate with when you have reached your goals!

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