2012 Farm Bill could favor America's Organic Sector

The organic sector is proving to be an important part of the diverse U.S. agricultural landscape as the debate about the 2012 Farm Bill continues. Legislators now have the opportunity to shift power and funding towards local, sustainable farmers and away from the industrial mega-producers that currently dominate the agricultural system. "The organic sector is fueling jobs and rural livelihoods at an astounding rate" said Matt McLean, Organic Trade Association Board President. "Organic is also creating an important economic opportunity for rural Americans through new business opportunities generated from the recent organic equivalency trade arrangements with Canada and the European Union." Here’s how you can support the sustainable food system on a personal and community level:
  • Shop Sustainably. Think farmer’s markets, food co-ops and community-supported agriculture (CSA) memberships.
  • Grow Your Own. Become an urban farmer or lend a hand at a local community garden.
  • Support Local Food Production. Petition city and county officials to legalize a Local Food and Self Governance Ordinance.
  • Educate Others and Get the Kids Involved.
Click here for more information on MAKING SENSE OF THE FARM BILL.

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