Foodies We Love: The Spice Girl

DSC08737 While some people eat solely to satisfy their hunger, others seek new food experiences to enjoy while still filling their bellies. We call the latter "Foodies", and we will be showcasing some of our favorite foodies once a month. Whether it's avocado toast topped with Sriracha and organic maple cashews,  a secret hole-in-the-wall restaurant we need to check out, or a special blend of spices to change our lives and cooking forever, we want to see what tricks these Foodies have up their sleeves to share with you. So without further ado our first Foodie, The Spice Girl. The Spice Girl, known by her family and friends as Beth Kennedy, is a future Dietitian and aspiring food blogger that hails from Florida. She transformed our organic High Antioxidant Trail Mix into some tasty Chocolate Chip Quinoa Trail Mix Clusters to satisfy our sweet tooth without the crash associated with a high sugar snack. We asked Beth a few questions to get to know her more: What is The Spice Girl blog to you? The Spice Girl started as an online portfolio to use for an internship application. I ended up not applying to that internship, but I found that the blogging process was a fun outlet for me. It sweetened the deal when I discovered that some people make a living blogging. I'm always trying to figure out a way to live in Spain for a year or two after graduation this May, and if blogging finances that, count me in! Spain doesn't sound too shabby. Can't wait to hear about it! What foods are you loving lately? Oh man, that's a tough one. I'm stuck on roasted Brussels sprouts (really any roasted vegetable), Sriracha on everything, strawberries & whipped cream, and of course, I have been loving Allgood Provisions' Trail Mix. And we have been loving your Chocolate Chip Quinoa Trail Mix Clusters! As a future Dietitian, what nutrition beliefs are most important to you? Everyday I am learning more about food and my future profession, and the answer to this question is in constant motion for me. With that said, my answer today: Every person and their body are unique. How I fuel my body might not be the best way to fuel yours. So find what works for you, and make it a lifestyle. Fad diets come and go, ignore those. Listen to your body - it has built in mechanisms to steer you in the right direction. Apart from nutrition, regular exercise - whether it is hiking, swimming, biking, running, walking - is just as important for physical and mental health as proper nutrition. Agreed. That lifestyle you described is something we are trying to embrace here at Allgood Provisions. Totally! And people can tell. You have great products that are healthy for individuals and for the planet. I love that all of your snacks can be taken on a hike, bike ride, or a big adventure that will need food that tastes great. It was such a pleasure speaking with you today, Beth! Thank you for having me! For more information on The Spice Girl: Instagram: @spicegirlcooks Do you know a Foodie that you think we'd love? Send an email to or comment below to tell us.

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