Star Provisions, A Culinary Wonderland | Atlanta, Georgia

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 9.42.48 AM Star Provisions is a unique market where you can essentially shop from your favorite restaurant. Co-owners and chefs, Anne Quatrano and her husband, Clifford Harrison launched this novel idea in 1999. After owning and operating the  extremely successful restaurant, Baccahanalia which has been the region's number one restaurant in the Zagat Guide since 1996, Anne and Clifford wanted to offer their guests the same experience they received dining out when choosing to "dine in". So here it is, the amazing Star Provisions, where you can find the best products from local, regional and artisan purveyors while getting expert advice from their professionally trained staff. "Extremely honored" might be an understatement of how we feel about being a part of this gem. You can now find Allgood Provisions gourmet organic pistachios, organic roasted almonds, organic sundried and sweetened blueberries, organic maple roasted cashews, organic high antioxidant trail mix, organic sundried cherries and organic banana chips there!  Aside from our delicious wholesome snack foods, you can get what some say is "the best sandwich they've ever had" from the deli, a charcuterie platter for your next dinner party as well as a large variety of cheeses, spices, condiments and even dog treats. Stop in Star Provisions for a 5 star shopping experience.



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