Why Every Kid Needs Organic Food

The Huffington Post recently published a story outlining the top 10 reasons why every kid needs organic food. It seems that everyday there are more and more reasons why choosing organic is so important. Whether you’re living a full blown organic lifestyle or if you’re just starting to dabble in organic food, if you have kids, you should know these reasons.
  1. Fewer toxins are consumed. This includes pesticides and other residues in non-organic food, which are going straight into your kid’s bodies.
  2. The strength and power of antibiotics won’t be diluted. The less we are exposed to the antibiotics found in non-organic food (largely from factory farmed animals), the more we can count on these drugs to cure our serious ailments.
  3. Our environment will be safer (for all). By choosing organic, we see a direct reduction in the levels of chemicals and toxins surrounding us.
  4. Protecting reproductive health. Many chemicals used in factory farms are known endocrine and hormone disruptors.
  5. Foster your kid’s growth and intelligence. Chemicals in non-organic foods can lead to the reduction of IQ in children.
  6. Preserve their childhood ideal of happy farm animals. Factory farming is nothing more than cruel, ugly and unnecessary.
  7. Help them learn to love vegetables! When kids can safely garden without chemicals—from planting a seed to harvesting—they’ll learn to appreciate their hard work.
  8. Show them how to read labels and understand the economic power of shopping. There’s no better time to start the conversation of “what’s in this” and “where did it come from and how” than now.
  9. With a bit of education, kids will understand the bigger picture that their choices have a huge impact on the world around them.
  10. Naturally, organic tastes better!
We want to know. Why do you choose organic? If you’re a parent, why do you give your children organic food? Post your comments in response to this post and you may see them in a future blog post. Read the full Huffington Post story here.

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