Celebs and the Environmental Charities They Love

It’s cool to love the planet. From preserving the rainforest to conserving water—it’s easy to make a difference. By opting to eat organic, donating your time or money and singing petitions, everyone can participate. Even celebrities are getting in on the action! Here are a few of our favorite environmental charities and the celebs that support them:

National Parks Conservation Association Working to protect and preserve National Parks - Jerry Seinfeld - Morgan Freeman - Gavin DeGraw

Oceana Protecting the world's oceans - Glenn Close - Nicholas Cage - Ted Danson

Greenpeace Protecting the planet's biodiversity and environment - Christian Bale - Pink - U2

Live Earth Combatting climate change - Al Gore - Madonna - Smashing Pumpkins

National Resources Defense Council Defending wildlife to protecting clean air and water - Leonardo DiCaprio - Robert Redford - Green Day

Global Green USA Putting a stop to global warming - Brad Pitt - Charlize Theron - Natalie Portman

Environmental Media Association Assisting the television, film, music and entertainment community to influence environmental awareness - Pierce Brosnan - Nicole Richie - Gwyneth Paltrow

You don't have to be a celeb to make a different. Choose a topic you're passionate about and find out how you can help.  

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