Reducing Your Carbon Footprint: It’s Easier Than You Think

Going green has never been so easy. Sure, there are electric cards and solar panels, along with many other big-ticket investments. But there are so many other ways to reduce carbon footprint without spending a fortunate. Here are five: 1. Say goodbye to bottled water Think you’re doing good because your plastic bottle is recyclable? Just think about the trek your bottle had to go through to get to you. It was likely bottled in one place, and then shipped elsewhere for consumption. You’re better off investing in a bottle and filling it up as you please. 2. Keep your car This may seem surprising, especially with gas prices reaching new heights, but by keeping your car, you’re reducing your impact. Just think, even electric cars and hybrids create a big carbon footprint when they’re built. 3. Buy organic and local Food that was grown in an eco-friendly way, that is also locally grown, is best. It’s that simple. (Allgood Fun Fact: Allgood products are certified organic by the USDA) 4. Beware the packaging Sure you’re buying eco-friendly products from companies that are doing good for the Earth. But what if that packaging ultimately ends up in a landfill for eternity? What good are you actually doing? (Allgood Fun Fact: Allgood packaging is made with PCW and biodegradable materials, requiring 30-50% less fuel than other packaging) 5. Eat less red meat The largest byproduct from the factory farming industry is methane—the greenhouse gas 72 times more potent than carbon dioxide—is one of the biggest culprits for destroying the Earth’s atmosphere.

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