OVEN STOKED <div class="product-description">West African Curry Cashews</div>

West African Curry Cashews


Make these spicy curry cashews at home!  Made with exotic flavors like numeric, chipotle, cinnamon, & cayenne.

The Oven Stoked Series: culinary inspired nut roasting kits for the home chef, entertainer, and passionate foodie. The idea is simple. By letting you, the home chef, prepare fresh roasted nuts in the comfort of your home kitchen we can offer more unique, fresher tasting organic ingredients.

Ingredients:organic cashews, organic olive oil, organic maple syrup, organic white rice flour, organic mustard seed, organic black pepper, organic coriander, organic birds eye chili, organic turmeric, organic cumin, organic allspice, organic caraway, organic grains of paradise, organic ginger, organic chipotle, organic cinnamon, organic thyme, organic cayenne, organic clove, Himalayan pink salt, sea salt



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