Honey Cinnamon Pretzels
Honey Cinnamon Pretzels

Honey Cinnamon Pretzels


FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Seasonal, HONEY CINNAMON Pretzels (Vegan Friendly)

Available  Nov 1st - End of Feb.

Small Bag - (4 oz)

Large Bag - (12 oz)

Party Bowl - (38 oz)

The unexpected but long awaited Honey Cinnamon Sourdough Pretzels are finally here. Chocolate pretzels were too much trouble to make, so instead we shifted gears to give you the perfect fit for your Holiday Cravings. The most satisfying blend of Sweet & Salty. This recipe does not disappoint. We avoid the refined processed sugars and have chosen to make this recipe with locally & ethically sourced honey from Utah County, where we're based, and organic cane sugar. Sticking to the natural sweeteners allows us to offer a vegan friendly and healthier alternative which follows the trending pattern of the future we are creating here at Gigi's Gourmet.



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