Gigi's Gourmet Pretzels

Welcome to Gigi's Gourmet Official Website.
A branch of the Allgood Provisions Brand
Gigi's Gourmet is here to bring a new twist to the Allgood brand, Garlic & Herb Seasoned Pretzels!  We here at Allgood have been working together with Gigi's Gourmet to provide our loyal customers a new product line.  We have high hopes to one day be able to apply what Gigi's has brought to the table and do the same with our products as well.  Imagine if you will the beautifully balanced Garlic & Herb seasoning that Gigi's has created on Allgood's Almonds?  Almost irresistible right?  For those customers out there who may have a gluten intolerance or don't enjoy pretzels we will eventually create a delicious and savory product just for you. Along with all of our other original products as well.  Gigi's Gourmet has brought us a new innovative perspective on the snack industry.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 
We are incredibly excited to share this new snack with you but we must inform you that at this time we are UNABLE to fulfill orders OUTSIDE of the state of Utah. Due to production limitations and licenses we MUST remain within the states boundaries until further notice.


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