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Retailer Spotlight: Potomac Gourmet Market

Wander into Potomac Gourmet Market at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland and you’ll discover a full service market that far exceeds expectations. Filled with a variety of gourmet items, you’ll not only be able to find exactly what you need for that perfect meal, you may also stumble upon products you’ve never heard of before. Yes, you’ll find the world’s best extra virgin olive oils…but let the staff show you some alternatives that may be even more fitting for your dish, maybe a almond, hazelnut, walnut or avocado oil? Or, are you looking to take your burgers to the next level? Let one of the knowledgeable experts on staff steer you towards the Hooks 10yr Cheddar or Cypress...

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Retailer Spotlight: ColdLife Organics

One of the hardest parts of trying to eat only organic, pesticide free food is that sometimes it’s just not easy to find a great selection. Sometimes where you live poses a big hurdle to trying to stick to an organic diet. Sometimes it also comes down to convenience. We’re all guilty of grabbing something because we’re hungry and it’s the only thing available, forcing us to stray from what we truly want to put into our bodies.  That’s why we are grateful for retailers like ColdLife Organics. ColdLife Organics is an online market that offers an incredible selection of organic, sustainable, humanely treated, local and Non-GMO produce and products delivered straight to your door. Not only do they make...

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Companies We Love and the People Behind Them: Quinn Popcorn and Kristy & Coulter Lewis

An estimated 1 billion pounds of popcorn is consumed each year in America, with many consumers unaware of what comes along in their favorite bag of microwave popcorn. What you’ll find is partially hydrogenated oil, diacetyl (the ingredient found in the fake butter flavoring) as well as microwave bags coated with PFCs, which “are chemicals that have been shown to suppress immune function in children and cause cancer in animals” (, it’s pretty scary what you’ll find in most bags of microwave popcorn. Maybe it was enough to scare you away from microwave popcorn forever. We’re here to tell you, it’s finally safe (and totally worth it) to come back and enjoy your favorite, convenient snack once again. We recently...

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Organic Kosher Dill Pickle Recipe

Pickling and canning organic vegetables from farmers markets is one of our favorite fall activities. We love organic snacks here at Allgood Provisions and having great tasting organic vegetables available to use, eat and enjoy all winter long is extremely satisfying for us. We’re also pretty inspired by our neighbors here in Park City, Yee-haw Pickle Company, and their delicious, natural pickles that we just had to try a batch ourselves. This past weekend we were lucky to score some great organic pickling cucumbers from the Salt Lake City Farmers Market. Top on our list for pickling is the classic Kosher Dill Pickle.  Did you know the kosher pickle isn’t actually “kosher” in terms of following Jewish food law; it...

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Real Foods Markets: Eat Real. Celebrate Life.

We’re excited to announce that you can now find Allgood Provisions Organic Wild Blueberries, Organic Sundried Cherries and Organic High Antioxidant Trail Mix in all Real Foods Markets here in our home state of Utah! [caption id="attachment_1974" align="aligncenter" width="310"] Check out one of Real Food Markets' 4 Locations in Utah![/caption] Step inside one of their 4 locations and you’ll find yourself surrounded by carefully curated selection of “real food”. Motivated by a passion to provide the most organic, unprocessed and natural selection of products has led founder Rhett Roberts and his crew to create something that goes beyond just food on shelves. They’ve created a community devoted to real food and to educating people about incorporating it into their everyday...

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