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Companies We Love and the People Behind Them: The Honest Company and Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan

In this month’s companies we love and the people behind them, we spotlight The Honest Company and co-founders Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan. Jessica, mother of two, is a California native and Golden-Globe nominated actress. When she became a mother she quickly realized that it was her most satisfying and important job to date. But she felt overwhelmed by choosing healthy products for her kids. Christopher, father of three, has devoted his life to helping parents raise the healthiest babies possible. He has worked with nonprofits as well as penned a best-selling book to help educate parents about protecting their children from toxic risks. Jessica and Christopher found themselves unsatisfied with products on the market available for their kids and...

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Companies We Love and the People Behind Them: Chobani and Hamdi Ulukaya

In this month’s companies we love and the people behind them, we spotlight Hamdi Ulukaya from Chobani! Hamdi Ulukaya is the man behind the best selling yogurt brand in the United States, Chobani. Born in Turkey, Ulukaya came to the U.S. to study business in 1994. With his father’s encouragement he started Euphrates, a feta cheese company, in New York in 2001. One day Ulukaya saw an ad for a yogurt plant by Kraft for sale. The ad was in his junk mail pile so he threw it away. A couple hours later he dug it out of the trash and decided calling for more information couldn’t hurt. After visiting the plant, he knew he had to have it and...

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Buy One, Feed One: We’re Helping to End World Hunger

A huge majority of worldwide hunger exists in underdeveloped countries and 62.4 percent of the hunger exists in Asia and the South Pacific. In America, the problem is not as prevalent, but 1 in 6 people still suffer from hunger. 50.1 millions Americans struggle to put food on the table. The world produces enough food to feed all 7 billion people living in it, but those that go hungry do not have access to land to grow food or money to buy it. Global hunger is a huge problem, but it is an issue that is solvable. Every bit of help is a step in the direction of ending world hunger. During the month of June, we’re launching a Buy...

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Fixing the Food Crisis

Eating sustainable and healthy food is a challenge for many people. Add in climate change, inefficient safety standards and about 2 billion mouths to feed within the next 25 years, and the food crisis will only become worse. Businessweek recently published a story on the food crisis and enlisted a panel of experts to advise on how they would fix it. The biggest factors addressed were technology and politics. Technology is extremely important now and in the future. It enables us to track our food quality and product system, which will help us become efficient producers of food. By increasing our productivity and efficiency we will be able to provide more affordable food, including more organic foods. Smart phones are...

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Companies We Love

Allgood Provisions was born out of a love for the environment, a desire to live as organically as possible and a passion for good food. While we know we’re not the first company out there to offer this good for you and the environment concept, we believe there’s a need—moreover, a growing demand—from consumers to deliver it. There are so many other brands out there that are doing truly inspiring work, whether it be changing the landscape of how products are produced and packaged, positively impacting the world around us through dedication to social and environmental causes, or changing the way we consume through education. There are a lot of tremendous companies and brands out there, all worthy of recognition....

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