Organic Pistachios

Roasted with Sea Salt

Our pistachios are grown on a pristine organic family farm in California. They make for a fun, delicious, and healthy snack.

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Organic Almonds

Roasted with Sea Salt

Everyone loves almonds! Tasty, heart-healthy, and organic.

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Maple Roasted Cashews

Made with Maine Maple Syrup

These organic cashews roasted with real Maple syrup are a delicious, semi-sweet snack.

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High Antioxidant Trail Mix

A tasty blend of 100% organic fruits and nuts.

Our High Antioxidant Trail Mix has exactly what you need to keep going whether you're on a hike, headed to the gym, or just need a healthy snack in between meals.

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Organic Cherries

Sundried & Sweetened

Our cherries are harvested in Utah and Washington state. Grab a handful for a tasty snack or use as an ingredient to add some flavor to your favorite dish.

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Organic Sundried Blueberries

Sundried and Sweetened

Delicious and high in Antioxidants, these sundried Wild Blueberries are grown on an organic farm in Washington.

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Banana Chips

Dried in Organic Coconut Oil

A sweet little snack to boost your energy. Your kids will love these chips!

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Organic Cranberries

Sundried and Sweetened

These cranberries come from the Pacific Northwest. A great addition to any salad or bowl of oatmeal.

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